4 months ago
Bottom line. Look no further for a reputable roofing company. These guys are the people you need to hire and here's why. All the jobs I've observed for Spanish Fork Roofing had teams who displayed great professionalism and it looked like they really tried to repair the roofs to the absolute best of their abilities. Although our HOA will not recommend roofers they did tell me they were very busy in the neighborhood. When the time came for me to replace the underlayment on our 29 year old tile roof and repair areas with dry rot I received bids from 6 companies (licensed and non-licensed). The bid from Spanish Fork Roofing was not the cheapest and not the most expensive. Long story short... Spanish Fork Roofing replaced all the underlayment and repaired the dry rot expeditiously. Great care was taken to ensure the roof was watertight and the area around the house was cleaned of all construction debris and any nails that made it to the ground at the end of each workday, If I could give ...
- Vaughn R
10 months ago
Awesome they did my roof repair super quick
- Krystine S
10 months ago
Amazing, they did my roof repair in no time flat!
- Krystine S

Roofing Contractor in Spanish Fork

Spanish Fork Roofing Contractor  

Spanish Fork Roofing is the most reliable roofing company in the Spanish Fork area. We have been in business for over 20 years, so you know we have experience with every type of roofing problem.  From rubber flat roofs on commercial buildings to asphalt shingles on residential homes, we can do it all.  We even have experience with tile roofs! Look below to see all out services. 

Commercial Roofs 

Many commercial buildings have flat rubber roofs, with drain pipes.  If you need flat roof repair in Spanish Fork, we are the best company to call. Over time, flat roofs will develop leaks.  The licensed, certified roofers at Spanish Fork Roofing Contractor know how to patch rubber flat roofs so that you don’t have water leaks inside your business. Or, if the roof has been neglected for too long, we can install an entirely new flat roof.  

If your commercial building has a metal roof or a tile roof, we also have experience repairing and replacing those.  You can get your new roof installed and not worry about it because this Spanish Fork roofing company will give you a warranty. 

Residential Roofs 

Residential Roofs in Spanish Fork come in many different varieties.  Some homes have tiles made of clay, slate, or metal.  Other homes have shingles made of asphalt, wood, or aluminum.  If you know you need a Spanish Fork roof replacement company, come to Spanish Fork Roofing.  Our licensed technicians have experience with all these different kinds of residential materials. They can repair your roof easily, or if necessary they can install a new roof.

Metal Roofs

Metal Roofs on commercial buildings and on residential homes have become increasingly popular in recent years.   A Spanish Fork roof repair company can take care of your metal roof. Metal roofs have many qualities that make them a good roofing material. Spanish Fork Roofing knows that the interlocking designs of metal roofs make them stand up to winds in a storm. Not only that, but metal roofs are fire resistant which is an important consideration for any kind of building.  In new construction, a metal roof will not put stress on the foundation because today's metal roofs are very lightweight. 

Metals roofs are also desirable because they come in many colors that can coordinate with your home’s exterior.  You can also have metal shingles installed, rather than long strips of metal. Shingles can be made of steel, aluminum, or copper. All of these materials are extremely durable.  

Roof Maintenance

Many people don’t put much thought into maintaining their roof after it is installed.  But a Spanish Fork roofing contractor will tell you that maintenance will save you money in the long run.  At Spanish Fork Roofing, our maintenance plan includes inspecting your roof on a regular basis to look for leaking gutters or missing shingles.  Technicians will check also for clogged gutters that make water seep up under your roof.  They will repair any minor problems like this so that you don’t have to replace your whole roof later. 

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